Rice is one of the major food crops contributing to food security and almost 20 percent of all the world holdings are included in the multilateral system of access and benefit sharing of the International Treaty. Nevertheless these accessions are maintained in collections distributed around the world and their discoverability and use is jeopardized by this fragmentation of location and databases. Additionally, other important information associated with those rice accessions is disconnected. The International Communication has tried in the last decade to agree on a common approach to facilitate the establishment of automated meaning links through the adoption of permanent unique identifiers. The rice community is, within the PGRFA sector, one of the best placed to make advancements in this area, particularly now that the International Treaty has set up the information infrastructure for the operations of the Multi-lateral system and that the Global Information System is being further developed. Under the leadership of Indonesia, this project aims at the adoption of permanent unique identifiers to add value and facilitate the use of PGRFA for the benefit of plant breeders and farmers. The project presents a participatory and science-based methodology with multi-country approach, involving both national and international institutions and initiatives with demonstrated experience, capacity, mandate and willingness to make a step forward in this area for the benefit of the rice community, first, but also for the benefit of other crop communities and PGRFA networks.

Posted on Jan 01, 2018